Forget C, it's all R2, it's all 2D! - calculator

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Creat your own applet too with Easy Java Simulations

If the applet don't show,you might need from Sun or from the archive a Java Runtime Environment 1.3 (or higher). Check if you have it in C:\programs\JavaSoft. Check in the Int.Expl. under Extras/Int.options/Expanded, if "Java(Sun) Use Java2.1.3.1_03 (or similar) for (applet)" is enabled.

You want to keep this applet, download "This webpage, without z" or copy from C:\WINDOWS\Temp Internet Files the file "one.htm" into a new directory "ForgetC" and add a new subdirectory "one-Dateien".Copy into "one-Dateien"the files "fertigeins.html", "fertigeins.jar","two.html" and add here another 2 subsubdirectories:"_library" and "two-Dateien". Copy into "two-Dateien" the file "EjsLogo.gif" and into "_library":"_ejsLibrary.jar", "_ejsContrib.jar","EjsLogo.gif" and "HotEqn.jar".Remove the [1] in the files.

If you use a sandbox, like finjan, disable it.